Our Investment Philosophy

At Jerris Wealth Management Group, we view the art of financial planning a little bit differently. We don’t chase balances or percentages – instead, we get to know our clients as people and then tailor investment, insurance and tax strategies to help them pursue the goals that really matter to them.

That means, first and foremost, that we believe in striving to protect the money our clients have invested. We know that too much hard work goes into earning and saving your nest egg to waste it by chasing the latest fad or trend. We stay committed to using personalized strategies that focus on the long term, so you can have confidence knowing that you’ve given yourself a chance at working towards achieving the financial goals you have set.

By utilizing 30+ years of experience in asset management, retirement planning, portfolio allocation and estate strategies, we combine the quality research and insight with conventional wisdom. We know that listening to what our clients need is just as important as choosing the right bonds or stocks. We work to educate the men and women who trust us, so they can understand exactly why they are receiving the advice we give, and what it means for their futures.

This approach to investing in customer care doesn’t just separate us from many of our competitors – it also shows our clients that we really do care. Perhaps that’s why so many of them have stayed with us for decades, even referring their friends and family.

Investing involves stocks, bonds and insurance products… but it’s really not about any of those things. The Jerris Wealth Management Group knows your savings are the bridge to a better future, and we want to help you pursue it.

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